Panaf-IMMAP Certified Digital Marketer

    cdmp-logoDigital marketing channels are targeted, cost effective, measurable and essential to remain competitive. It has allowed brands to dialogue with customers one-on-one and to build communities of loyal customers. Take part of this special run of the 11 online and mobile marketing courses for the members of the Certified Digital Marketer Program designed for national advertisers.

    CDMP Courses

    The Digital Marketing Plan

    Today the ascent of digital marketing as a key medium being consumed across the world and across the country is simply phenomenal. We see its consumption going beyond the normal boundaries of geography and time. We truly see the power shifting from advertiser to consumer. Advertisers no longer have the sole control over the marketing of brands. Consumers have started to speak their minds about brands, companies, having a major hand as to what, when and where they can be spoken to by advertisers.

    Display & Search Advertising

    cdmp-2013Display and search are the most fundamental marketing methods of the internet and most companies fail to realize the necessity of search for their product or brand. In Display and search Advertising, learn how your products and services can be found when your customers are looking for you.


    • Provide basic framework and common language for display and search advertising.
    • Provide various search marketing executions and case studies for learning /compare the different display and search advertising methods.
    • Enable participants in integrating search engine strategies in their respective brand campaigns.


    The key to success in business is managing your relationship with your customers. Learn how the Internet can help you integrate electronic and other customer touchpoints for better communication with customers.

    What Works in Websites

    WWW: What Works In Websites is designed to show you how to make your website beneficial for your enterprise, but this is not a technical course for programmers. Gone are the days when website development is the sole domain of the IT department. This course will teach you how to formulate effective messages, interpret your web analytics, and capture your target online audience.


    • To appreciate the basic principles of CRM and its impact on marketing, the brand, and the company as a whole.
    • To understand how an eCRM infrastructure is built and how it is used in relevant digital channels.

    Effective E-mail Marketing

    Learn the fundamentals of permission-based email marketing and global best practices for developing, implementing and testing effective, profitable email marketing campaigns.


    • Exhibit a firm grasp of basic email marketing terminology, tools and techniques.
    • Identify where and how to integrate email into their marketing mix.
    • Create an immediately implementable email marketing campaign plan compliant with global best practices for permission and privacy.

    Mobile: Marketing on the Go

    The Philippines has more than 68 million mobile users. As the texting capital of the world, mobileis a way of life for us. “The mobile phone is not just a tool or an accessory but an extension of a Filipino. Most Filipinos identified their phone as something: 1) that they won’t leave home without 2) bring to bed with them 3) they will save money for i.e. their unit or pre-paid load.” Businesses and marketers can tap mobile as an interactive direct marketing channel to their customers. Find out how the leading mobile marketing companies execute successful mobile marketing campaigns. Learn how to engage customers using mobile beyond the usual text campaigns and how to do it right such as getting permission from your customers. Learn from a wide range of case studies and see which mobile marketing strategies will work for your own product or service.


    • To provide basic framework and common language for Mobile Marketing. (To identify the basic framework and common languages for Mobile Marketing).
    • To provide various mobile marketing executions and case studies for learning. (To illustrate and analyze various mobile marketing executions and case studies for learning).
    • To enable students to apply mobile marketing strategies in their respective brand campaigns.

    Social Media Marketing

    Millions of Netizens belong to virtual communities or social networks and use social media. Get a glimpse of how engaging with customers through social networks can result in deep brand engagement and one-to-one dialogue.

    Virtual communities or social networking sites are proving to be a powerful online marketing venue to target, build relationships and grow your customer base. The most popular sites are a great source for generating massive results for your online marketing campaign. Enroll in this course and learn how to create the right buzz to get people talking about you, your business, product, or service. Learn the tools, tips and tricks needed to use your social media time wisely and get great results.