Federation of Advertising Organization



    The Federation of Advertising Organizations or FAO is a coalition of students of advertising and allied courses from various colleges and universities in the Philippines.

    PANA helped established the organization through the PANA Foundation to give opportunities to students in advertising-related fields to collaborate with PANA, to better prepare them for the real world through education-enhancing and on-the-job training / employment opportunities.





    Founding Schools / Organizations


    New Members



    1. To promote the significance of advertising as field in our growing Philippine society.
    2. To hone the creative skills of advertising students within the organizations and provide them with ascertainment of major and minor facets alike of the local advertising arena by means of augmenting existing knowledge through seminars, talks, hands-on proceedings, competitions, and any other forms of exposure.
    3. To impart that orientation and goals must always be congruent with social development of our nation.
    4. To enhance and advocate effective communication, interaction, innovation, and responsible advertising among the students and the public.

    To develop dynamic, innovative and well-rounded leaders and professionals in the advertising industry, who will be the movers and shakers in the Philippine society through proper training and exposure.

    Eligibility for Membership

    1. Each member organization of the federation shall be an official organization within the respective schools that have been officially accepted and recognized under advertising, communication, and production alone, or within the dimensions of Integrated Marketing Communications, and are not members of any other exclusive affiliations.
    2. Organizations limited to advertising, communication and production, or within the dimensions of Integrated Marketing Communications, are still subject to approval by the FAO Executive Board of.
    3. Each member organization must have attended the induction eventf FAO and must actively participate in other activities duly recognized by the FAO Executive Board.
    4. Each member organization is willing to abide by and subscribe in the rules and regulations, by-laws and constitution of the federation.

    FAO Constitution (click to download)

    Membership Application

    1. Organizations belonging to advertising/marketing/mass communications/fine arts may apply.  A maximum of two organizations per school will be allowed. However, this will be subject to evaluation of the Executive Board of FAO, taking into consideration the student population of the college/school.
    2. Interested parties should fill out the online application form. Once PANA receives the application, we will forward this to the FAO officers / membership committee for review. Membership committee will contact applicant organization and will ask it to submit its profile (mission/vision, activities, organization size, organization composition) and other required pertinent documents.

    Click here to apply for membership

    Member Benefits in relation with PANA through the PANA Foundation

    1. PANA, through the PANA Foundation, will assist students in looking for speakers for various advertising / integrated communications topics during student congresses, symposia, seminars, etc.
    2. PANA, through the PANA Foundation, will assist students in fulfilling school requirements on on-the-job-training by linking them with PANA-member companies or other ADBOARD associations.
    3. PANA, through the PANA Foundation, will act as liaison between FAO and PANA-member companies for school-related activities to be implemented by the latter.
    4. PANA, through the PANA Foundation, will act as liaison between FAO and other ADBOARD-member associations such as 4As, IMMAP, etc. for school-related activities initiated by the latter.