Student Empower Call to Conserve Energy, “Wag Kang KSP” ~ PANAF and The Department of Energy Showcases Students’ Energy Conservation IMC Campaigns in 12th PANAnaw Awards

    Imagine entering an auditorium filled with people. You’re there not to watch but to be watched, presenting an Integrated Marketing Campaign before some of the industry’s finest names in the advertising and marketing profession.

    No, this is not a beauty pageant nor a singing tilt. This is the PANAnaw Awards, the PANAF IMC Students’ Competition held last October 8, 2011 at the Henry Lee Irwin Theater in Ateneo de Manila University.

    An interschool IMC competition for marketing/advertising students organized by the Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF) the PANAnaw Awards aims towards the professional advancement of young marketing students and serves as a battle arena for future marketing practitioners. “You are all winners,” said Charmaine Canillas, Head of Corporate Affairs for Petron Corporation also Vice Chairman of PANAF, addressing the six finalists besting fourteen other contenders in pre-judging process, about to present their IMC campaign proposals.

    Now on its 12th year run the theme is very timely amidst climate change and energy crisis—Energy Conservation. In cooperation with the Department of Energy acting as the client, Under-Secretary of Energy – Atty. Jay Layug, makes his point heard in his keynote speech, “Keep in mind, your own acts will dictate the future. Act now.”

    The judges include John Rojo, Vice President, Corporate Branding and Communications, Bayan Telecommunications, also the current PANA President; Teeny Gonzales, Chief Executive Officer of Seven A.D.; Jay Sarmiento, Corporate Communications Manager of the Philippine Star; Chiqui Tan, Head of Corporate Marketing of Samsung Electronics Phils.; and Tricia Marie C. Camarillo, Director of Business Development of McCann Worldgroup Philippines; Charmaine Canillas, Head of Corporate Affairs of Petron Corporation, and the Honorable Atty. Jay Layug, Under-secretary of the Department of Energy.

    The criteria for judging were as follows: Strategy, that is the ability to create targeted, insightful, relevant and superior means of achieving marketing objectives and use of relevant research in strategy development at 30%; IMC Application/Integration, the ability to come up with holistic and synergistic IMC based on strategy at 25%; Creativity, the capacity to effectively and clearly execute copy, visuals and other communication materials based on the strategy at 15%; Marketing Metrics, the ability to consider cost vis-à-vis benefits and to come up with deliverable plan at 15%; and finally Documentation/Content/Presentation , the organization and clarity of presentation materials and the ability to defend after the presentation at 15%.

    Upon entering the competition, schools were given codes as the only means of identification in order to preserve unbiased ratings. Eventual finalists were to be revealed only after each presented at the PANAnaw Awards, before the judging results were announced.

    Crowned champion in a back-to-back win was UP Diliman (IMC 193) with KSP 123: ‘Wag Kang KSP. Kadyot ng Kadyot, Sagad sa Harurot, Pabaya sa Tsikot. Judges lauded the effort for having a very focused target market and a well-thought out presentation. The returning Champs also aced the Q&A in a breeze, as easy as explaining their choice of shirt color.

    Runner-up was Ateneo de Manila University (IMC 110) with PasaDaMoves: Gas mo. Diskarte Mo., they used a jingle, a ubiquitous character, as well as humor to entertain not only the judges but also their target market.
    Not far behind was De La Salle University (IMC 130) Tomorrow Starts Today has in-depth research and dramatic ads to motivate their target market placed 3rd.

    Other finalists were: Asia Pacific College (IMC 107) with their ACT Now campaign, integrating 3D animation savvy in their creatives to attract the youth. Miriam College (IMC 151) presented Power2Save, which, unlike the other finalists, chose to target the entire family. Assumption College (IMC 108) ICON: Control. Conserve. Connect. categorized their target market and had a very single-minded message.

    PANAF Chairman Rudy B. Villar, Jr., Sr. AVP/Chief Branding Officer of SM Investments Corp., expressed his heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Thanks for coming, students from Visayas, Mindanao and North Luzon. The competition is closed. Let’s do a cheer dance!”

    The students put a lot of mind, time and effort into creating their presentations. The judges will never know exactly who did what, how they got their moment of insight or if there were arguments over a presentation component. All the judges know is the final presentation, rehearsed to the best of the students’ capabilities.

    Again, imagine putting yourself in the shoes of the finalists, standing before a roomful of students and industry experts, trying to convince them that your idea is the best solution to the problem. It’s nerve-wracking, yes, but it’s definitely youthful energy put into good use.