PANAF and IMMAP Partner to Professionalize Digital Marketers

    pana_immap_mainFrom CCMCM to CDM. Always on the lookout on how to best serve its members, PANA, under its Foundation arm, partners with the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) to launch the PANAF-IMMAP Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Program.

    In simple ceremonies at the PANA office last January 12, the PANAF-IMMAP partnership was signed by 2011 PANAF Chairman Rudy Villar of SM Investments and IMMAP President Hans Roxas-Chua of Blue Blade Technologies.

    A Certified Digital Marketer is well-versed in the different mobile and online marketing channels, expertly fusing non-digital channels into the mix, to suit marketing and business objectives. Eleven modules comprise the Digital Marketing course, including Click!: Web Advertising, Virtual Community, WWW: What Works in Websites, Effective Email Marketing, and e-Ethics Digital Marketing Rulebook, among others.

    The goal of the PANAF-IMMAP CDM is to develop digital marketing as an industry. By professionalizing its practice and honing digital marketing skills, practitioners will be trained in the core discipline of the trade.

    The PANAF-IMMAP CDM, in the process, widens the scope of the local advertising landscape.

    “This partnership further strengthens our efforts to push our advocacy, that is to be of service to the industry through education,” Villar said of the program. “Our Digital Wednesdays program with IMMAP was lauded by the World Federation of Advertisers, putting PANA on world-class status. The PANAF-IMMAP CDM will be another fruitful endeavor,” the SM executive added.

    The PANAF-IMMAP CDM program provides an IMMAP certification to the student, allowing the use of CDM as a professional title. Graduates enjoy 1-year individual membership to IMMAP and discounts to the IMMAP Summit.

    “As Internet and mobile device usage has reached their highest levels ever, national advertisers are bound to reap dividends by investing in digital. (Through CDM,) we learn new ways to captivate, engage and influence audiences on an even larger scale,” said Roxas-Chua.

    As an IMMAP member through Blue Blade Technologies, Roxas-Chua is a Director at the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center, a research unit of the Ateneo de Manila University.

    “IMMAP, Ateneo’s AJWCC, and eLearning Edge are proud to be partners with such a prestigious association as PANA. The CDM program with PANA will offer a structured, yet fun environment to learn about online and mobile marketing,” he added.

    PANA first partnered with the De La Salle University for its MBA program providing PANA members discounts to specially-designed lectures from one of the country’s top educational institutions.