Youth Creativity Festival 2020

    Youth Creativity Festival 2020

    This year’s PANAnaw Brand Communications Competition and Youth Congress have been rolled into one major event dubbed as the “Youth Creativity Festival” (YCF).  It is the first ever online summit targeted for the youth and is scheduled on November 25, 26 and 27, 2020.

    Organized in partnership with Intersections Communications, this is PANA Foundation’s pivot to pursue its mission of developing future marketing communication practitioners towards achieving the right heart and discipline for the industry.

    The YCF was launched last August with a design logo contest won by a UP Open University freshman Nastassja T. Sanchez. She interprets her design as a fusion of values and technological skill set as integral parts of the next gen survivor in response to this year’s theme “Future-Proofing the Youth”. The judges found the design youthful and vibrant. Her logo will be used in all the promotional materials for the event.

    Prominent names from various related fields make-up the line-up of speakers to provide a holistic approach to this new brand of education.  At least 3,000 students are expected to learn from industry professionals, share their insights and interact with their points-of-view.


    Below is the list of topics that will be talked about in the Festival:

    Creativity Amidst Adversity



    The new normal has resulted to many businesses pivoting, necessitating a different tack and another creative perspective. Emphasis is on the innovativeness that the company has to adapt to survive the challenge.
    Content /

    Influencer/ Brand


    In keeping with the drive for more authentic and relatable content, the trend towards influencers is likely to accelerate.
    E-commerce /



    This pandemic is a wake-up call for business leaders and entrepreneurs to take a hard look at their operations and figure out how to digitize their activities.
    Gamification /



    An educational approach to motivate students to learn by using video game design and game elements, gamification has been adapted in many businesses with the goal to maximize enjoyment and engagement for uninterrupted consumer patronage.
    Career Development/ Character Building / Values


    To future-proof graduates, a framework that provides greater emphasis to life skills more than the industry demands with high moral values to contribute back to society.
    Storytelling, Brand


    Storytelling is a powerful business tool and a skill that every relevant and lasting brand should master.
    Essence of Teaching in the Digital World Teachers are not to be dismissed in this Festival. As they are responsible for engaging and inspiring students, they will be provided an exclusive session with motivational speakers touching on the real literacies needed by the students for long term success.
























    A major highlight is the PANAnaw Brand Communications Competition, the longest running, and now on its 21st year, student focused, marketing competition.  Participated in by college students from both public and private schools nationwide, they are tasked to develop a comprehensive brand plan for an assigned product.  This year’s event is a more challenging one since there will be preliminary rounds. Entries are divided by region namely, NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. There will be 3 winners per region who will compete on the national level.  Five (5) winners will be chosen to present in the YCF to determine who bags the first place. This year, aside from the cash, part of the prizes that the winning students will get is an internship program with a reputable marketing firm. In retrospect, this prestigious competition has paved the career path for those who have presented and won.

    To make the Youth Creativity Festival even more interesting and enriching, branded workshops, entertainment and “socials” nights will also be provided. For early birds registering on Oct. 14 – Nov 7, promo rate is only P200.00. Regular rate of P300.00/student starts on November 8 onwards.  Slots are limited so it would be good to reserve early. Interested parties can email Ms. Aileen Lucero at

    This is one rare opportunity where exposure to the real industry and engagement with the professionals can be had, for a song!


    YCF Brand Competition Winner Bared

    “The design was inspired by the concept of a modern society where technology prevails. It represents a reimagined future which views continuous digitalization as an opportunity for the youth to make a change for a brighter and more advanced future. The elements of the design which illustrate perseverance, flexibility, and adaptability in the future workspace were executed with a modern, dynamic, and minimalistic look. The rich yet contrasting colors of light and dark values were inspired by the physical aspects of a spark of electricity which gives a feel of what it is like to be in the digital age. The overall branding aims to give the youth a sense of purpose and mission through empowerment. “

    This is how the winner of the 2020 Youth Creativity Festival Brand Competition Nastassja T. Sanchez interprets her design in response to this year’s theme “Future-Proofing the Youth”. The judges found the design youthful and vibrant encapsulating the fusion of values and technological skill set as integral parts of the next gen survivor.

    Hoping to be an art director someday, Nastassja is an incoming college freshman at the University of the Philippines-Open University. Barely warming her college days, she already has a feather to her cap with this award. She joined the competition in pursuit of her creativity and passion for the arts. Through the Youth Creativity Festival 2020, she expects the participants to learn how to harness their talents and potential and from the professionals in the industry who will be sharing their invaluable insights and experiences, she hopes to get more inspiration and direction.

    This logo design will serve as the official branding for YCF and as such will be used in all the promotional materials.

    The YCF is an online summit for college students and professors happening on November 25, 26 and 27, 2020. It is comprised of the Youth Congress and the 20 year old PANAnaw Awards Brand Competition where college students from public and private schools nationwide will participate in the design of a communications campaign.  The Youth Congress is a series of talks about real life success and failure stories featuring respected and renowned industry icons.



    Calling all marketing communications, fine arts, multi media and advertising college students enrolled in 2019 and 2020! The search for the best and brightest creative idea and execution to promote the Youth Creativity Festival 2020 is on. The PANAF Youth Creativity Festival 2020 (YCF 2020) is a two (2) part online summit comprised of the 11th Youth Congress and 21st PANAnaw Brand Competition.

    Launched today, July 27, the contest will run until August 20. Expected output includes logo design of the Youth Creativity Festival 2020, key visual that can be used as a digital poster and template to promote speakers and content for social media and other awareness channels. Entries will be judged by the PANAF board of trustees and the winner will be announced on August 30, 2020.

    For more details and the mechanics, click here YCF-2020_Brand-Design-Competition-Mechanics