10th PANAF Youth Congress: Kumusta ka? As in kumusta ka?


    n In-depth Discussion on the Role of Brand Building on Emotional and Mental Wellness

    Emotional and mental health are growing concerns that impact the directions of marketing communication and brand building as this is prevalent among major consumer groups marketers casually refer to as the Gen Z and Gen Y.

    The Philippines has the highest number of depressed people in Southeast Asia. Based on the National Statistics Office (NSO), mental illness is the third most common form of disability in the country with a high incidence among the youth. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) March 2018 report, depression, which is the common manifestation of emotional and mental illness, is the leading cause of disability worldwide with more than 300M people of all ages suffering from it. An average of 3,000 people dies by suicide daily – which translates to one suicide every 40 seconds.  In fact, it is the second leading cause of death in 15 to 29 year olds. Because symptoms are not observable to the untrained eye, the people around sufferers are oftentimes caught by surprise. Thus, when people are not aware, they appear uncaring and apathetic to those who are afflicted.

    For this reason, the Philippine Association of National Advertisers Foundation (PANAF) decided to provide a venue, the Youth Congress, where the youth can have a better awareness and understanding of emotional and mental wellness The program is expected to inspire them to nurture their own well-being, seek help if they feel they are afflicted without the mental baggage of being ostracized, and/ or provide support for those who are going through the crisis.

    The society likewise plays a central role in this crisis. Family members and friends should be able to recognize symptoms and provide appropriate and effective support. The advertising and marketing industry need to be more conscious about the messages which are sent out to the impressionable youth. A need to craft responsible advertising and positive messaging will help our youth develop positive self-mages that build them up instead of stirring up feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

    This way an environment of acceptance and understanding is fostered.  The Youth Congress also aims to provide students with auxiliary learning to prepare them for real life and expose them to some of the industry’s brightest experts and thought leaders.

    Various speakers from varying professional backgrounds have been invited for information, inspiration and collaboration. Service users, psychologists, doctors, brand builders make- up the roster of panelists.