About Us

    The Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) is the biggest and oldest non-stock, non-profit organization that unites the users of advertising belonging to every major industry in the country. Composed of more than 300 member companies, PANA recognizes and fulfills its role and leadership in the advertising industry as a self-regulatory body that is committed to the promotion of “Truth in Advertising”.

    In 1980, PANA established its very own foundation to serve as its advocacy and industry relations arm. The PANA Foundation (PANAF) aims to have a society that is aware of, involved, and empowered in tackling issues relevant to its well being with regard to the advertising industry, and to take on a pro-active stance on national issues affecting consumers and the general public.

    In 2004, the Foundation was revitalized to be more responsive to the needs of the times and to make philanthropy a permanent part of its mission.
    PANA Foundation projects:

    1. PANAnaw, The Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) Students’ Competition – the country’s top marketing students in the different colleges and universities nationwide are given the chance to conceptualize, design, and present an IMC plan that incorporates the different communication theories learned from school into a strategy that is well-worth using for an actual marketing campaign. The competition is especially geared towards the professional advancement of young marketing students and serves as a battle arena for future marketing practitioners.IMCC brings together some of the country’s best marketing leaders and gurus to inspire the minds and hearts of the young and self-motivated marketing students while challenging them to face up to the industry’s shifting needs and advancing standards. It attracts more than 1,000 students in attendance and dozens of schools as participants.
    2. PANAF Youth IMC Congress – The PANA Foundation’s IMC Youth Congress is the initiative of then-PANAF Chair Charmaine Canillas. She pushed for the development of academics through supplemental hands-on training not just for students but for the faculty as well. The PANAF IMC Youth congress was developed with the dream of making a small step for youth development. Creating responsible and productive individuals, after all, is a united effort. The event has the makings of a sustainable program.A crafty and cool event, the Youth Congress features a multi-panel collection of relevant speakers of carefully chosen young achievers. Revealing precious knowledge and insights from their own success stories, these young creatives, entrepreneurs and leaders speak in a shared language with the young.
    3. Certificate Courses in Marketing Communications Management – Done in partnership with the De la Salle University – Graduate School of Business (DLSU-GSB), the objective of the program is to develop the student’s planning and creative skills in harnessing the potentials of Integrated Marketing Communications tools towards effectively carrying out their company’s marketing strategies.High caliber marketing and advertising experts are being invited as guest speakers for the various modules. Their indisputable knowledge on the subject matter honed by years of involvement in the industry will surely make room for best practices, comprehensive discussions and exchange of ideas.
    4. Partnership with FAO -The Federation of Advertising Organizations or FAO is a coalition of students of advertising and allied courses from various colleges and universities in the Philippines. PANA helped established the organization through the PANA Foundation to give opportunities to students in advertising-related fields to collaborate with PANA, to better prepare them for the real world through education-enhancing and on-the-job training / employment opportunities. The training partnership includes providing PANA and PANAF with student manpower for special events.

    While the PANA Foundation, has its own Board of Trustees, the foundation’s trust and directions are aligned with its mother association PANA. The PANAF Board of Trustees has for its members not only current PANA member-company representatives but even former PANA members who have retired from corporate world or have gone into their own businesses and friends of PANA who come from the business sector or the academe.